Brief write-ups for The Beyond subsectors Liberty Hall and Die Weltbund, plus government and a few worlds.

First, the dominant government:

Die Weltbund

The state of Die Weltbund was settled by Solomani colonists who arrived at 1302 Brandenburg in -123 via a pair of sublight transports that had departed from Terra 2,200 years previously, just a decade before the discovery of jump drive. The leaders of the colonial expedition believed themselves to be descendants of the first Terran rocket scientists, originating in the nation state of Germany and most of the 10,000 colonists were of German or Dutch heritage.

Crossing space at the then unprecedented speed of .3 c, the ships quickly passed the larger and better funded colony ships of the ESA long range colony mission, targeting a system first discovered in tentative records from the Kepler space telescope and later confirmed to have a planet with an oxygen atmosphere.  The world proved only marginally habitable, but the ships were too worn out to attempt another voyage and the colonists settled into their harsh world. Just five years later, a scout from the Corellan League stumbled onto the colony and was seized as a "security threat: by more paranoid elements in the society. Within a decade, the settlers of Brandenburg had built an "indigenous" starship and begun the exploration of nearby systems.

Despite this beginning, Die Weltbund and Corella maintained good relations until the arrival of scouts from the Third Imperium in the late second century. Having gained technology from Corella and established itself between the nearby old power and the faraway expanding new superpower, the ruling families of Die Weltbund shifted their attention to closer relations with the expanding Third Imperium, becoming a client state during the period 612-984. Ultimately, trade and technology transfer policy disputes, exacerbated by the monopoly of the Die Weltbund's Stern-Hansa shipping company led to a break with the Imperium and relations with the Zhodani have improved to the point where psionics is officially tolerated by the government, though ornate psionic shield helmets have become a fashion accessory among the ruling Sternreiter families.

Then, subsectors and worlds:

Liberty Hall Subsector (B)

The spinward region of Die Weltbund is home to its original and current capital and the bulk of its population. The government of Die Weltbund has ruled the majority of the region for more than a thousand years. But the freeport at Liberty Hall has a wider and wilder reputation than its true nature supports, and therefore lends its name to the distant subsector on Third Imperium charts.

Aioaoa (1501 B52695A-B)

Aioaoa is a clan name, not a world name, for the Aioaoa clan adhere to the radical belief that land is a distraction from the proper focus of an Aslan's life: honor. But the Aioaoa were not considered  aberrant because of their belief in honor, but by their philosophy of holding all land in common. The entire clan owns land. No family or individual can own land or maintain possessions greater than their need. This belief did not result in peace, for the hyper focus on honor led to constant dueling at the smallest slight or deviation from increasingly intricate formal codes of behavior. The aberrant beliefs and consequences of their philosophy caused the Aioaoa to be expelled early during the Kinstrife, and after being hounded from two previous homeworlds, they established themselves on Aioao in 80, when Die Weltbund was a tiny state of three lightly populated systems. Raids by other Aslan clans caused the Aioaoa to fortify their system and for the past thousand years, attempts to visit the world are met by swarms of fighters and heavily armored monitors armed with particle accelerator spinal guns.

Brandenburg (1302 A846735-C)

Sublight sleeper ships from Terra settled Brandenburg in -123 after a voyage of more than 2,200 years. The world was not as habitable as distant surveys had predicted, but the colonists made do and quickly developed an agricultural and light industrial base. Acquisition of jump drive technology in -109 allowed the settlers to explore and settle nearby worlds. Brandenburg was the original capital of Die Weltbund and its most populous world for four centuries before being overtaken by Bundestag. Most of the ruling Sternritter class can tie their family history back to estates on Brandenburg, though few spend much time on world themselves. The planet's many volcanoes cause local devastation at times, but contribute to the fertility of the soil that allows vast agricultural fiefs to survive, provide export goods, and generate income for their controlling families.

Bundestag (1604 A576955-C)

Capital of Die Weltbund, Bundestag was colonized from Brandenburg in -37 as Thüringen, a pleasant forested world that would service as the breadbasket of Die Weltbund for centuries. Opportunities to claim productive landholdings and expanding local industry drove the population of the planet to exceed that of Brandenburg by 300, and in 505, the reorganized state recognized the world as the capital of Die Weltbund and gave it the name of the ruling legislative body of Die Weltbund: the Bundestag. Industrial development contributed to pollution that fouled the environment, ruining Bundestag's agricultural output and poisoning the air, land and sea. Significant cleanup since the forced relocation of heavy industry to space in the 900s has improved the environment, but the world will need centuries to fully heal from its period of industrial exploitation.

Liberty Hall (1107 B311320-C)

The Freeport built into a crater on the moon of a small gas giant at the outskirts of a red dwarf star system has been in operation for nearly 400 years. Liberty Hall originated as a disreputable refueling depot for ships operating beyond the borders and patrols of the Corellan League and Die Weltbund. Over the centuries the installation has shed or hidden its disreputable operations, though the tainted reputation persists. Liberty Hall is a mostly subterranean complex that supports ten times its official voting citizen population of 6,000. Despite the lack of formal regulation, heavily armed police, strict and clearly applied laws and a near instant legal system encourage good behavior. Criminal penalties are determined by a randomly selected (and mandatory) jury that has the power to investigate crimes and subpoena witnesses. Besides a codified list of monetary penalties, crimes can carry only three types of punishment: confinement to residence or ship for a fixed duration, banishment or expulsion for 1, 10 or 100 years, and death by airlock, a penalty that serves to reinforce the mystic of Liberty Hall's past. While unable to manufacture starships, Liberty Hall's four private shipyards can manufacture spacecraft and perform repairs and modifications on starships. The famed Total Eclipse Yard has four construction bays dedicated to the production of up 400 ton displacement ships and a backlog of three to five years.

Schlechtwelt (1306 E733630-5)

Schlechtwelt is the interdicted homeworld of the Entsetzenwurmer, a subterranean race centipede-like aliens. The Entsetzenwurmer's forward body has a dozen "hands" arranged in a ring around a large chitin-lined mouth. Each of these hands has an eye in a protected palm socket and four opposable fingers with broad claws suitable for digging in dense soil. All that is known about Entsetzenwurmer society comes from observation by probe drones. The race is apparently caste-based, possibly hive-like in organization and arranged around cavernous cities of more than ten thousand individuals lit by electric light and a solid technical infrastructure. Xenophobia and the ability of the warrior cast to carry cannon-caliber rifles has discouraged direct contact. Strangely, the Entsetzenwurmer societies to not appear to war against each other, so the purpose of the heavy firepower and defensible towns is unclear.

Die Weltbund Subsector (C)

The trailing region of Die Weltbund was mostly settled during the seventh century as Die Weltbund began a centuries long affiliation with the Third Imperium as a reliable client state. Once that relationship ended and contact with the Imperium became more antagonist, the region became a bulwark against aggression, both from nearby corsairs and Imperial Navy commerce raiders during the Third and Fourth Frontier Wars.

Saarland (1901 A876856-B)

During the Imperial client-state era, Saarland was a major port and the industrial heartland of Die Weltbund. It never fully recovered from the devastation of its orbital infrastructure by an Imperial raiding task force in the Third Frontier War. Now burdened by monopolies and regulation, its industries are falling behind in technology, productivity and quality. Saarland maintains its pride by hosting the largest cargo terminal in the realm, mainly from the influence of the locally headquartered Stern-Hansa trade monopoly. Still, population growth has been negative for more than a century as the world suffers from emigration and a low birth rate.

Saschen (2201 A876898-C)

The world of Saschen is the military bulwark of Die Weltbund, home of the realm's largest naval base, protecting against Vargr and Human corsairs from beyond the border. A disproportionate number of Saschen citizens serve in the Sternmarine and in contrast to Saarland, highly skilled and productive workers labor in an efficient, if bureaucratic economy. As long as one doesn't question the status quo, on does quite well on Saschen.

Tartakover (1810 A560895-B)

Within the Third Imperium, Tartakover is known as the desert world at the end of the x-boat line. While this is accurate and the world hosts the furthest permanent Imperial Interstellar Scout Service base to maintain a courier office, the world is a thousand year old trading center with a rich multi-cultural history, including significant minorities of Aslan and Vargr citizens. Originally settled in -104 as a forward trade post between the Corellan League and the human colonies at Brandenburg and Yangikent, it soon attracted traders from Thoznaen, Floria, the Hierate and even the Sred*Ni. For the first five hundred years of its existence, Tartakover was known as Waypoint and was a member of the Corellan League. In 420, the world took advantage of chaos within the League when the leader of the local Broker's Guild, Aaron Tartakover, convinced the solitary Third Imperium consular official on the planet to accept the world as a client state. Within five years, the IISS had established an outpost, the planet had been re-named Tartakover and the obscure consular officer had been granted a barony and assigned as ambassador to an entire, albeit distant, sector. Over the subsequent centuries, an open immigration policy has significantly expanded a population that now includes hundreds of millions of Aslan and tens of millions of Vargrs in addition to at least a dozen minor races and even an enclave of Hivers.

Yangikent (1908 B955687-A)

Sindalian refugees from the final days of the Empire settled Yangikent in -1408. Yangikent legends claim the original colonists had sought Corella, but rebuffed, but the Corellan League has no record of this. Instead, a battered converted troop transport set down on the twilight steppes of Yangikent even as its lifters began to fail. The remains of the ship still form part of the old town in the capital city of Astana. It was a generation before the settler realized they were sharing the planet with the native Gmina. An expedition to found a new settlement in a fertile value was attacked by tailless scorpion-like creatures armed with spears and bows. Thus began an antagonistic relations that saw the Gmina population decimated and reduced to reservations on marginal semi-arid lands within a century. More cordial and better documented contact with the Corellan League grew after -1100, but distance limited trade. Eventually, the Tangikent reacquired gravitic and jump knowledge not from Corella or Die Weltbund, but from a captured corsair out of Thoznaen in the second century. Never very populous but almost pathologically self-reliant, the people of Yangikent established a colony neighboring Djend in 455.


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